Oil & Gas Services
For more than three decades, Canal Energy & Services, Inc. has been providing customers throughout the oil & gas industry with the absolute highest quality, most efficient and reliable boilers, heat exchangers and related equipment and services. We offer equipment to 15,000 PSI working pressures and 19,000,000 BTU/H heat ratings. In addition, our equipment can achieve well head flow rates of 60, 70, 80 MMSCFD or 10-20,000 BPD oil rates. And just as importantly, our new design boiler/heat exchanger packages can achieve exceptional results utilizing half the equipment, deck space and personnel – at half the cost.
Our full range of equipment and services includes boilers, exchangers, methanol services, ESD safety systems, well testing, and production and facilities heating. In addition, Canal Energy offers a team of highly experienced and trained professionals. Many of our personnel have 20 to 30 years of experience in the industry – and all of our employees put their expertise to work for our customers by providing the finest equipment and services available in the industry.


Steam is by far the safest and best heat source available in offshore environments today – and Canal Energy leads the way when it comes to steam boilers. In fact, no other company’s standard offshore boiler package can deliver the same BTU rating as ours. OFor performance, reliability and safety, our boilers simply can’t be beaten.

ESD Safety Systems

Canal Energy & Services, Inc. designs and maintains all required shut down systems mandated by API 14 C as a minimum. All equipment used offshore shall interface with required safety panels.


Canal Energy & Services, Inc. is one of the world’s leading innovators in heat exchanger technology. The need for rapidly heating large flow rates of high pressure well fluids and gas is achieved by means of a radical new heat process developed by our company.

Methanol Services At Canal Energy & Services, Inc. we understand the vital importance of safety in offshore environments. That is why we have developed a comprehensive safety system for delivering methanol to offshore systems
Production & Facilities HeatingOur new high pressure, ultra high heat and large volume heat exchangers are ideal for increasing well production anywhere that obstructions in process equipment has occurred and anywhere that induced heat can change or increase well bore flow rates.
Well Testing Canal Energy & Services' history of involvement in setting more well testing world records than any other single company makes our company the obvious choice for your well testing needs.



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